Folder Secure


Max Folder Secure

Max Folder secure is a user-friendly program for password-protecting files and folders. It prevents unauthorized access to users important information and programs. The software makes the protected folders completely invisible, inaccessible or accessible

DP Wiper  v.1.1

This little software wipe file(s) and folder secure. Support the following method: Normal delete (not secure). Single overwrite.DoD wipe: US DepartmentSupport the following method: - Normal delete (not secure). - Single overwrite. - DoD wipe: US


Keyparc for Mac OS X  v.

Keyparc works on most computers - Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

Keyparc for Linux  v.

Keyparc works on most computers - Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

Steganography: Encrypt Password in Image

Use steganography and digital watermarking techniques to encrypt / encryption any file in any other file. Often used to hide data / messages in image files / photographs (JPG, BMP etc) , but this software allows you to hide any file type (jpg, bmp, txt,

Hide Files PRO

Hide Files PRO has a very simple, discreet interface that allows you to take control of your private data and ensure no one but you has access to it. The application will hide all of your data in new files which have ambiguous names of which the contents

Quick File Locker  v.1.0

Do you want to protect private pictures, hide sensitive videos or lockdown documents ? Do you want to ensure your privacy by locking, hiding and encrypting sensitive data ? It will quickly lock, hide and encrypt files, folders or or USB drives.

BitSec Secure Folder  v.2. 5. 2001

Convert your folder into Secure Folder, give you the functions of access control, hide, encryption on the fly.A sub-function of this software is hidding your folders and files by easy draggin,

Secure Folder  v.6.8

Secure your folders with this tool. Secure Folder is a simple, small software specially designed to help you password protect your folders with just a few clicks.Secure Folder Features: 1. Lock Folders with password. 2. Easy to

Folder Castle

Folder Castle protects your personal data from snoopers and thieves. You can either lock away files and folders, or put them into Secure Storage with on-the-fly AES-256 encryption. Protected data cannot be seen or accessed in Windows Explorer even in

Secure IT  v.4. 1. 2003

Secure IT is a File and Folder Encryption application. It offers 448 bit encryption and very high compression. Secure IT uses a non-proprietary, open source, public domain encryption algorithm, Blowfish, at a key strength of 448 bits.

Folder Password  v.2 1

Folder Password Expert is a software program that lets you restrict access to the folders containing your sensitive data. Secure your documents, prevent people from viewing, printing, or altering them.

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